I really felt that acupuncture helped with my hay fever, I suffered for about two years with runny nose and swollen itchy eyes. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I really don't like needles, Sue put me right at ease and was very professional and talked me through where and why she was putting the needles in that place.  I was over the moon with the results as I was able to enjoy the summer and most important a day at York races!


Restless Legs Syndrome and Neck and Shoulder pain

I had treatments from Susan on two occasions, one for Restless Legs and the other for neck and shoulder pain, which I had suffered with for a long period of time.  I am happy to say both courses of treatment were totally successful.  I am truely an acupuncture convert.



I have been plagued for years with Migraines and quite debilitating at times - eventually - I decided to try acupuncture.  I have known Sue since the mid 1960's but I was still sceptical - Well it is amazing. I knew it wouldn't be a quick fix in my case, but also on the way two other issues were sorted out.

It has been 3 months now and still going good.



When I first approached Sue I had a few issues and had heard of Acupuncture but was unsure about it.  From the initial consultation Sue made me feel at ease and was very professional.  After a few treatments my conditions improve, Acupuncture has worked for me and continues to do so.  I would recommend Sue to anyone wanting to try Acupuncture.



Trigeminal Neuralgia

Just to let you know that after only two treatments, although I still receive occasional intense stabs of pain when eating or when brushing teeth etc., the prolonged bouts of pain have stopped, and I have not taken any pain medication since the day before I visited your clinic. Since that day there was a gradual reduction in pain, and I must conclude that your treatment worked for me. Thank you very much! This experience has encouraged me to continue with a course of acupuncture.  As I will be overseas for the next 6 months and I would like to continue with my acupuncture treatment,  I wondered if you could please let me know which accreditations should I look for in an acupuncturist abroad.








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