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Daily Mail Link (Click Here)
Millions of patients with ‘unexplained symptoms’ could benefit from acupuncture on the NHS.

Can acupuncture be a painkiller? - BBC (Click Here)
It's evidence of an effect that might explain how acupuncture could work as a painkiller.

Alternative Medicine Acupuncture The Evidence ...
Alternative Medicine: The Evidence on Acupuncture Kathy begins her journey ...
BBC documentary (57 mins)

BBC - Press Office - Alternative Medicine: The Evidence (Click Here)
Acupuncture deactivates 'pain area' in brain ... conducted in the BBC Television series Alternative Medicine: The Evidence (BBC TWO)

NICE Recommends Acupuncture for Migraines and Tension Headache (Click Here)

NICE Recommends Acupuncture to help alleviate Lower Back Pain

NHS.UK Acupuncture

British Acupuncture Council website
A-Z fact sheets
World Health Organization (WHO) website


Facial Acupuncture - News - Links

How Not to Get Old - Channel 4 Video (Click here)
The show looks at the trend of anti-wrinkle injections among younger people. Louise tries facial acupuncture in her search for a budget-friendly, youth-boosting..

Celebrities-Cosmetic-Acupuncture (Click here)
Celebrities and cosmetic acupuncture

How facial acupuncture 'can give results as good as Botox (Click here)
Annee believes facial acupuncture can provide results equivalent to ... The acupuncture, unlike Botox, has also helped various parts of my body.

Tried And Tested: Facial Acupuncture Rehauls Your Skin (Click here)
Hence I'm unsure of what to expect when I arrive for my acupuncture rejuvenation facial at London's Corinthia Hotel, but I'm guessing it's along ...


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